Symposium des GK 1342 at Restaurant La Stella
Tuesday, 22. July 2010


Prof. Dr. M. Wada, University of Kyushu
Title: "Chloroplast movement: From behavior to mechanism"

Dr. J. Schumacher, University of Münster
Title: "Signalling networks in the plant pathogenic fungus Botrytis cinerea"

Prof. Dr. C. Castresana, Centro Nacional de Biotecnologia
Title: Role of oxylipins as modulators of defense against pathogens and plant development"

Prof. Dr. W. Tanner, University of Regensburg
Title: "45 years of membrane transport proteins - How about the role of lipids?"



We congratulate the winners our poster presentation:

1. Ms. Claudia Horntrich

2. Mr. Jens Lautenschläger

3. Ms. Simone Findling